Ultimate Farming Guide for Dungeon Hunter Champions

Wondering what's the best place to farm xp and gold in dungeon hunter champions? Keep reading!

Best XP Farming Spots

The best spots to farm depend on your champions, team comp, gear, and level. Due to this, someone else's "best spot" maybe isn't the best for you. However you can test what spots work best for you using this farming calculator. Just enter the time it took you to complete the stage, how much energy the stage costs, and how much experience you got. With this info you can see how much experience you can get per hour and how much energy it will cost. Dividing these 2 figures gives us an efficiency rating, the higher the better.

Gold Farming Strategy

A general rule of thumb is to farm you most efficient zone that you found using the farming calc, then just sell all the gear you get. That being said, selling gear is one of the best money making methods in dungeon hunter champions. So if you have a good composition for it, farming elder dragons and selling the gear you get would be another good strategy. Just keep in mind it won't be as energy efficient as farming adventure mode.

Gem Farming Strategy

There are several activities you can do to farm gems:

  • Fight all the arena challengers daily (reset via ads 3 times, watch ads to double rewards)
  • Watch ads in the shop 3 times daily
  • Tap the gems chest in the lobby once every 24 hours
  • Watch ads everytime you get a gem reward.

If you do all this ad watching, your going to rack up the gems pretty quickly. Question is, where should I spend all these gems?