5 Things I'd Do Differently If I Rerolled In DHC

Here's a list of the things I feel I do differently if I started a new account on Dungeon Hunter Champions knowing what I know now.

1) I'd never spend gems on the exclusive summon

I think this has been the #1 worst mistake I made starting out. I wasted SO MANY GEMS. i_i

2) I'd mostly ignore ratings, instead look at skills and stats

I've found various very powerful champions that have had extremely poor ratings. Like Daji, the dark fox assassin, which turned out to be my best boss killer.

3) I wouldn't 6 star water spearman

I probably wouldn't have 6 starred my water spearman. Since he is really only good at farming stage 1-7L and 2-3L. There are other champs that could farm other stage faster.

4) I wouldn't feed any nat 4's

In order to get my 6-star as soon as possible I fed a bunch of powerful 4-stars like Psion and a 4-zircon. These mistakes weren't worth the 6-star spearman.

5) I would farm boss raids much more

I must have spent maybe 10,000+ energy farming adventure stages till my eyes bled. Though now I've learned farming boss stages like ED7 is far more rewarding in terms of gear upgrades and rare discs than adventure mode. I've even found myself leveling monsters in ED2!

Let me know what you guys think on reddit! I'd love to hear you feedback, and maybe some of your own thoughts as you play the game more.